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        Mehmet TURHAN was established the first small workshop almost a half century ago in ARSUZ,TURKEY. Since  1980’s he was created a furniture marketing chain among the Turkey,Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and Saudi Arabia.In 2015,he decided to establish an enormous shoowroom under the name of ‘’ TURHAN HOME CENTER’’his hometown is located in Iskenderun,Hatay,Turkey.Knowledge and experience handed down from generation to generation enabled us to create a brand plunged in to the culture of our city.

       Turhan Home Center business policy is to change each environment into a new concept of living following needs and styles of those who lives there.Our identity lies in the innovative fusion of technological skill and traditional craftsmanship.Our collections feature iconic furniture by great modern architects.

     Turhan Home Center still Works with excitement and motivation of a new brand, not compromising an quality. Come İnside the window and explore the World of our family-run company!

  •   Living Room
  •   Dining Room
  •   Bedroom
  •   Kitchen
  •   Tv Unit
  •   Outdoor Furniture
  •   Accessories